About Me

My name is Arafat, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and politics. Growing up in Montreal North, one of the most deprived areas in Canada, I learned that I had to work twice as hard as others to succeed. I moved to China in 2011 and started my own venture, with the intention of becomig an expert in international commerce and product sourcing. During this time, I also taught myself coding and delved into the world of technology and cryptocurrency.

In 2015, I returned to Canada to further grow my business and launch new projects. Two years later, I became involved in the entertainment business. Right before the New Year of 2019, I left for Morocco aiming to expand my supplier network. I came back to Canada one month before the pandemic hit, and shortly after, began importing PPE into the country to help fight the virus. I supplied many businesses, including large ones like Rogers Canada.

In 2020, I started my own non-profit to help the youth of my community, especially those from deprived areas. In early 2022, I created a financial education program to educate the youth and help them become financially free. I’m excited to continue to make a positive impact on my community and hopefully one day the world.

Guangzhou, China

I setup my business in China, started sourcing products for clients in Canada, Europe and North Africa and built positive relations with a vast number of Chinese partners.

Toronto, Canada

Moved back to Canada to grow my business and start new projects.

Something Specially New

I got involved in the entertainment industry, since I was a kid I loved music, this is something I’m passionate about, as it brings people together. It’s feels good to help the youth from deprived areas get out of the negativity and express themselves thru art.


My parents immigrated to Canada from Morocco, I didn’t know much about my country of origin, so I decided to move there for some time. I also did lots of networking and assessment of the local business environment. This led me to a new venture in the food industry; sourcing fruits and fish for a Canadian importer.


As I got back to Canada, the worst crisis of my lifetime was about to begin. Early January my Chinese partners warned me and I got prepared. By March 2020 I was aggressively importing PPE (face masks, gowns, face shields etc.) into Canada. I also played a role in chartering airplanes to help Canadians get back home safely when most air travel was halted. This pandemic made me realize that my community was vulnerable and that I had to step up and help in any possible way.

Financial Education & Empowerment of Youth

Helping people with money is one thing, but teaching them how to get their own is much better. It creates a generation of financially free youth that will shape the future. I have helped to create a basic financial education program that gives access to knowledge and ressources to the most vulnerable. This is most likely one of the best projects I ever worked on, if it only help one teen grow to live financially free it will all be worth it.